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About Us

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park! 

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a USDA licensed, privately owned zoo that has been in operation since 1985. Our purpose is to educate the public about the native wildlife of Colorado and to provide the opportunity to see these beautiful animals up close in natural habitats.  


Why are they here?.....

Regardless of their history, all of our "wild" animals have all lost their fear of people and do not have the skills to survive in the wild. If released, they would most likely be killed trying to get to people for food or starve to death due to lack of survival skills. Additionally none of our animals are candidates for rehabilitation for release to the wild due to human acclimation. 

Where did our animals come from....

All of our animals are non-releasable. Some arrived from people who had them for pets and realized they did not make suitable pets. Some of our animals came from other zoo's or facilities that were closed or overcrowded or just needed to be placed in a different home for one reason or another. We are not permitted to capture or take in an animal from the wild; all of our animals must be approved from the state licensing agent. We do have one animal who was orphaned when very young and could not be rehabilitated she is the only exception to this and was approved by the licensing agent.

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