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Melody playing with her new stuffed toy


Felicity with a new stuffed animal


 Sponsor An Animal

The ideal home for wildlife is in the wild. Unfortunately, not all animals have that option.  ALL of the animals here at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park are non-releasable and would not survive on their own in the wild.  Almost all of them were born in captivity and do not know anything different. They are all imprinted and accustomed to people providing food for them and providing the necessary care they need to survive.

While they still have their wild instincts, they are missing the fear of people that would help them to stay safe. When they lose that fear of people, they become far more dangerous, because they rely on people for their needs. If an animal approaches someone that doesn’t have what they want (particularly - food )  then the animal may hurt that person or themselves when it is not provided right away.   It is a no win situation for any imprinted animal to be in the wild. With that being said, the best situation for them at this point is to give them a forever home in captivity where their needs can be met on a daily basis by trained staff. 

How does Sponsoring help the Animals?

It is our job here to provide them with fresh food and water daily and give them shelter and habitat enrichments. Sometimes being in the same area for year after year can become, let’s just say a “little boring,” so it is up to us to provide new toys, scents,  games, and habitat enrichments with new climbing structures, pools, and  houses . Most of the time, we try to keep things as natural as possible for each of them, but we are always trying to add enrichment to their lives.  Not only does adopting an animal help with enrichment, but it helps care for them as well. We are constantly replacing food bowls and water pans., replenishing the straw in the houses to make sure they have a soft dry and warm place to sleep, and making sure they have the vitamins and mineral supplements they require to stay healthy.


The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a privately owned facility; our main goal is to care for the animals to the best of our ability for the remainder of their lives. We can only do this with the support of generous and caring people like you. We receive no state or federal funding for any care of the animals. All proceeds from sales, admissions, adoptions, and donations support the care of the animals.  We appreciate all your support and thank you for your generosity and caring heart.

If you are interested in sponsoring an animal, please contact us at

970-264-5546 or email us at for more information.

Below are the different levels of adoption.

  • $50 – Name on adoption Board, Adoption Certificate, fact sheet, 5 x 7 photo, newsletter

  • $125 – All of the above PLUS an annual pass for a family of 4 and 2 guest passes

  • $175 or more – all of the above PLUS a 8x10 photo and 4 guest passes

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