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In Loving Memory
Vimmie Ray  Jan. 1943- Aug, 2019

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Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park 


     Mrs. Vimmie Ray passed away on August 4th, 2019. In 1985, Dick and Vimmie Ray created the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park out of pure love and respect for wildlife. It gave visitors the chance to see predominately Colorado wildlife up close and to educate the public on these beautiful creatures.

    In the early years of the park, it was rare to see her without a bottle in hand to feed one of the many babies we had at the park; from deer and elk calves, to goats and lambs, bear or mountain lion cubs, Vimmie always had the love to give to any animal. She would get up at all hours of the night to personally feed each one, bathe them in her own bathtub, and wipe their bottoms just like a mother would do. The passion she possessed for the animals the last 36 years really is the life blood of the park. Most have seen her working hard around the park in one way or another; giving tours, bringing the food for the animals, cleaning up after them, or just spending the time to talk and visit with folks visiting the facility.

    Vimmie was the most gracious person who loved to spend time talking to and getting to know our many patrons. Our dearest boss and friend made a home not only for animals in need, but also a safe place to come for many a person. Vimmie was the kindest person many of us knew who opened her heart and home to those needing a friend to talk to and a prayer warrior for those who asked. She was one of a kind in all of our hearts and she will be missed dearly. We will carry on her passion and love for the animals. Thank you all for your support and generosity over the years.

   She would encourage us to all to live by one of her favorite scriptures:

                                     "This is the day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

                                                                                                      Psalm 118:24

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